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Compass Counseling of NWI

Our Mission & Values

About Us

Compass Counseling of Northwest Indiana was founded by Anthony Suarez, PhD, LMHC in 2022. Our aim is to provide high quality, ethical, and individualized counseling to the Northwest Indiana community. We offer in-person counseling in both Valparaiso and Merrillville, as well as a telehealth option for your convenience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the mental and emotional well-being of the clients we serve by providing individualized, high quality treatment based on evidenced-based approaches. At Compass Counseling, our staff treats every person with respect and dignity as we guide you on your journey to change.

Our Values & Philosophy

  • All individuals have unique experiences and emotions which should be honored and respected
  • Individuals are always moving towards growth and change
  • A sense of purpose and meaning is essential to one’s mental well-being
  • Effective counseling is founded on a strong relationship and sense of connection between the client and counselor
  • Clients have the autonomy to guide their counseling experience
Our mission is to bring peace and clarity to our clients through individualized treatment approaches.